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Manga Soko Awase

Okinawa-city | Rental,Recycle | Recycle Manga Soko Awase

Tel : 098-931-9911 

Address: Okinawa-cityYogi 3-13-1

Open:0:00〜24:00(open 24 hours)
Parking:Available (200 lots)
Credit card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、others

If you want to find a treasure & sell in good price, let's go to comprehensive-fun-producer, "Manga Soko"!

Look, feel, and enjoy for 24 hours at a large amusement recycle shop "Manga Soko Awase." Under “We sell! We buy!” as a slogan, 880 square meters of space is full of games, toys, sundries items, appliances, sporting goods, CDs, and fashion items! We are proud of our rich lineup of vintage clothing corner; male and female clothing for sure, bags, shoes, hats, and accessories are also available and are sold at reasonable prices. At the super-brand corner, which is popular among females, you may find a brand item such as Coach and Louis Vuitton with an amazing price. Also, our musical instrument corner has lineup of items from like-new to vintage, and provide the wind instruments and stringed instruments such as guitar and bass. From beginners to advanced, we offer selections and services which satisfy everyone. At "Manga Soko Awase", that occasionally holds special events, you can be thrilled to discover an unexpected treasure!

Abundant selections are lined up as the instruments corner. Feel free to ask our professional staff about your questions and concerns.


Card games popular among children. The rich line up of cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters.


The reasonable price at super-brand corner will attract you. Popular products may be sold out quickly. If you find your favorite item, we recommend you to purchase it immediately!


You shall aim the moving season in March and April. We normally get large amount of goods in stock such as furniture, appliances, clothing and chandlery.
Also, by the means of cherish our resources, please utilize the "Manga Soko."

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Manga Soko always loads up with good deals!
You must check us out!

"Manga Soko Awase" special event!
☆ ☆ Wish cards☆ ☆
Shop with us and get a nice product!
Even if you lost, if your purchase is more than 1,000 yen, the ticket turns to a 300 yen discount coupon.

The voting deadline is till 8 October!
【Vote announcement】11/10(Sat)
【Exchange period】11/10(Sat)〜11/18(Sun)

New arraival information

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At Manga Soko, we have men's, lady's, accessories, hats, bags, shoes, clothing (300 yen~) as well as super-brand items in-stock.
We will assess anything regardless of the genre, such as men's, lady's, hats, shoes, accessories, for purchase.

New arraival information

A homepage is here.↓                                                

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