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PLAT LIFE > Shopping > Fashion > T-SHIRT-YA.COM Chatan Branch

T-SHIRT-YA.COM Chatan Branch

Chatan Cho | Shopping | Fashion T-SHIRT-YA.COM Chatan Branch

Tel : 098-989-5581 

Address: Chatan Cho1F Depot Island Bldg C, 9-1 Mihama

Open hours:10:00〜21:00
Closed:Open year round(Exept new and end of year)
Parking lot:Available
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS

You will feel like a kid in a candy store with the wide variety of items. Get your favorite T shirt at “T-SHIRT-YA.COM CHATAN BRANCH”!

All the T-Shirts in the store are original designs, from Japanese and casual designs to Rock taste, Street, Pop and American casual designs; there are always over 300 different items.
Character design T-shirts are very popular among kids and adults. There is a variety of designs of “Ryujin Mabuya” which is a very popular character in Okinawa; it is good for a present and as a souvenir. Besides that their original brand “Nanten” is also recommended. It uses as a base classical Okinawan designs of Ryukyu Bingata an d RyukyuXXX. The patterns that each of the lines make is beautiful, it is also attractive that its design can be used by the young and senior.
Get your favorite T-shirt here at “T-SHIRT-YA.COM CHATAN BRANCH”. You can find a new one every time you visit.

Character T-Shirt of “Ryujin Mabuya” is the most popular among kids. Their designs are of big impact and are arranged very cutely.


Many kind of designs T-Shirt desplay inside of shop.
Please feel free ask to our staff about size and design.


It is very popular because of the number one vide variety of miscellaneous goods and Japanese design hats,


A WILD BERRY incense, in Okinawa you can get these only at T-SHIRT-YA.COM.
Choose your favorite fragrance from between 18 different varieties, they sell it per piece. It is cheaper if you get 10.

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T-SHIRT-YA.COM Chatan Branch T-SHIRT-YA.COM Chatan Branch
Chatan Cho | Fashion

〜Recommandation products(T-Shirt)〜

New arraival information

A fusion of fishing, music, and fashion brands

many Tetrapots items are in stock!!

Middle, SEA SEED, and Tetrapots have been working with the coral aquaculture and spread.

Triple Collaboration T-shirt!!!

So recommended!!!

New arraival information

From Ryujin Mabuya goods,

Mini Tote Bag 1,785 yen (tax included)

Cute characters of Mabuya have designed on

Mini Tote Bag!!

Not too big or too small…It is handy size.

It is recommended for small errand!!

New arraival information

Now in stock!! Everyone has waited for the products!

"Ryujin Mabuya 2 (Tati)" which a special guest Mr. Cocco performed as

Fairy Forest Kijimukon

Strap & Leather Key Holder!!!

Strap 525 (tax included)
Leather key holder 735 (tax included)

New arraival information


Kids dugong (2,940 yen)

Designed cut dugong family with ink foam on long sleeve shirt.


New arraival information

Crack Skull stadium jacket (8,295 yen)

Warm winter outfit produced by Okinawa Yankees.
Flocky printed in good atmosphere.
Okinawa Yankees logo is on the left front.

Size S, M, L, XL

New arraival information

Sarape ¾ raglan (3,360 yen)

Sarape is a fabrics used in such as poncho in Mexico!!

We designed the Sarape in Okinawan style T-shirts.


New arraival information

Nanten Futaochou T-Shirts (Ladies) 2,940 yen (tax included)

The motif of precious butterfly Futaochou which only live in Okinawa?
Futaochou approaching without aware of the spider covered with flowers.
The design makes you imagine a story.
Size: M, L
Color: Purple, Sherbet Pink

New arraival information

Ryukyu Mabuya Super Mae Gauthier T-shirt 1,890 yen (Included tax)

Very lively design!!
Hero of Justice, Ryujin Mabuya’s mortal attack "Super Mae Gauthier."

The T-shirt is limited offer with a good price?

Size: 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, and 130cm
Color: Gold, Royal Blue


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