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Okinawa City | International Cuisine CHARLIE's Tacos

Born in Mexico and grew up in Okinawa. Everybody knows the Tacos Restaurant.

Charlie's tacos is the Tacos Restaurant on Park Avenue in Okinawa city. Charlie's tacos have been loved since 1956. They are proud of their original ...

Address: Okinawa City4-11-5 Chuo
Tel: 098-937-4627 
Open Hours:10:00〜21:00
Last Order:21:00
Closed:Thursday(Closed Japanese national holiday)
Parking lot:Available(At Park Avenue pubric parking)

Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

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Okinawa City | Japanese food (dish) Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

You will lick your lips over fresh seafood and delicious dishes. Authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant you can go casually.

"Sakana-no Ana You-you" is a Japanese restaurant you can enjoy Sushi and set meals. It is located near Shoppers’ Awase in Okinawa-city. Seafood purc...

Address: Okinawa CityAwase 4-45-1
Tel: 098-930-4195 
Open:Lunch 12:00〜15:00/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last order: Lunch 14:30/Dinner 23:00
Closed:Irregular, once a month
Seat:Table 70 seats、Private room (12 people・6 people)、Counter 15 seats
Parking lots:Available (First parkings 24 slots・Second parkings 10 slots)


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Chatan Cho | Steak house restaurant, Korean barbecue JUMBO STEAK HAN’S MIHAMA

Steaks, lobsters, and hamburgers. Delicious hearty dishes are on parade!

You can enjoy thick & juicy steaks and get full with reasonable price at "JUMBO STEAK HAN'S Mihama." The interior which our staff rigidly decorated m...

Address: Chatan Cho2F Depot Island Bldg A, 9-1 Mihama
Tel: 098-926-2888 
Open Hours:11:00〜24:00
Last order:Lunch time15:00/Dinner time23:00
Closed: Open year round
Parking Lot:Available
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS
Honten(Mai Branch):http://www.plat-okinawa.jp/098-863-8890
(Moon Terrace):http://www.plat-okinawa.jp/098-944-6022


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Chatan-cho | Pizza PIZZAKAYA

You can eat Authentic American Pizza!

At the at's Chatan in the depot Island, "PIZZAKAYA" is a specialty store of American type pizza. The stylish interior is based on white; there are co...

Address: Chatan-choMihama 9ー17 at's Chatan 1F
Tel: 098-936-0042 
Open:11:30〜23:30(L.O 22:30)
Parking:Available (Depot Island Parkings)
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS

Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜

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Chatan-cho | light meal Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜

The most popular and entertained place from Tokyo-Ginza to Chatan!

The Ichariba Co-Lab Okinawa or just Co-Lab Okinawa is a popular Café-Dinning Restaurant located in Mihama-Chatan. We started with the objective...

Address: Chatan-cho3-3-3 Mihama
Tel: 098-923-2165 
Open Hours:11:00〜23:00
Closed:Open year round
*edy to use

RedLobster Okinawa Chatan Branch

No coupon available now
Chatan-cho | Restaurant RedLobster Okinawa Chatan Branch

The U.S. No.1 seafood restaurant "Red Lobster".
OPEN in the American Village!

On March 23, 2012, across from the Depot Island of Mihama, in Chatan-cho, Red Lobster Okinawa Chatan branch will open as a second chain in Okinawa. T...

Address: Chatan-choMihama 8-10 2F
Tel: 098-923-0164 
Open Hours:Sun〜Thu 11:00〜24:00(L.O.23:00)
Fri & the day before holidays 〜25:00(L.O.24:00)
Closed:Open year round
Parking lot:Available (Front parking 40 lots)
Seats 120
Credit card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMEX、Ginren

Ocean View Cafe "50’s CAFE"

No coupon available now
Uruma-city | Cafe Ocean View Cafe "50’s CAFE"

Enjoy authentic American burger♪

Located in Uruma Higashionna, "50's CAFE" is a hideaway shop. Theme of the shop is Hollywood, the capital of movies, and 1950s era which America was ...

Address: Uruma-cityIshikawa Higashionna 364-1
Tel: 098-989-9139 
Open:Tue〜Fri 11:00〜20:00/Sat・Sun 10:00〜20:00
Last Order:19:30
Seatings:In-store18 seats、Terrace 20 seats
Parking:Available (10 lots)


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Chatan Cho | light meal WING KING

Substantial volume! Enjoy the authentic American taste here!

Marked with a red sign, "WING KING" is a popular fast food restaurant serving American food at Ihei in Chatan-cho. The restaurant is crowded with loc...

Address: Chatan ChoIhei 411ー1 1st Towa building 1ー3
Tel: 098-936-8986 
Parking:Available (10 lots)
Credit card:Not acceptable


No coupon available now
Chatan Cho | Local Restaurant ICHIGEN YA

Cook in front of you!
Enjoy freshly baked hot Okonomiyaki (flat pancake) in your mouth.

"ICHIGEN Ya" is located inside Carnival Park Mihama which is marked in the red Ferris wheel in Mihama Chatan-cho. The shop is famous as you can enjoy...

Address: Chatan ChoMihama 15-69  Carnival Park Mihama 2F
Tel: 098-936-6333 
Last Order:22:00
Parking Log:Available
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.


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