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GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

No coupon available now
Naha City | Restaurant GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

Eat your fill of Agu pork! Even the dipping broth takes in the flavor of pork. Savor authentic "Pork Shabu"!

The large tree house, where "Gajumaru - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu" is located at, stands out beside Onoyama Cellular Stadium. Kijimuna welcomes y...

Address: Naha CityOnoyama cho 46
Tel: 098-859-6530 
Open: Lunch 11:30〜15:30/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last Order: Lunch 15:00/Dinner 23:00
Closed: Open year round
Seats:66 seats
Parking Lot: Available(40 slots)Banyan Town Parking Lots
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、etc.

Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

No coupon available now
Okinawa City | Japanese food (dish) Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

You will lick your lips over fresh seafood and delicious dishes. Authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant you can go casually.

"Sakana-no Ana You-you" is a Japanese restaurant you can enjoy Sushi and set meals. It is located near Shoppers’ Awase in Okinawa-city. Seafood purc...

Address: Okinawa CityAwase 4-45-1
Tel: 098-930-4195 
Open:Lunch 12:00〜15:00/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last order: Lunch 14:30/Dinner 23:00
Closed:Irregular, once a month
Seat:Table 70 seats、Private room (12 people・6 people)、Counter 15 seats
Parking lots:Available (First parkings 24 slots・Second parkings 10 slots)

Tsudoi Dinning KUINA

No coupon available now
Okinawa City | Izakaya Tsudoi Dinning KUINA

You can find the best a dish ! Bring your friends to Creative Dining.

Gatheringr Dining Kuina is located at Mihara, Okinawa City. Not only Western, Chinese or Japanese style dishes. Their creative cuisine has a good rep...

Address: Okinawa City3-19-6 Mihara
Tel: 098-934-5617 
Open Hours:Sunday-Thursday:17:00〜AM1:00
Last Order:Sunday-Thursday: 23:45
Friday、Saturday: 24:45
Parkiing lot:Available
Credit Card : VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS

JUMBO STEAK HAN’S HONTEN (Main Establishment)

No coupon available now
Naha City | Steak house restaurant, Korean barbecue JUMBO STEAK HAN’S HONTEN (Main Establishment)

Hungry? Then why don’t you come to us! You will be impressed by our American-size steaks!

"HAN'S" has a reputation for hearty and delicious steaks. The most popular steak is Australian chilled beef, “One pound steak”. Its’ surprising 450...

Address: Naha City 3-27-10 Kumoji
Tel: 098-863-8890 
Open hours:11:00〜24:00
Last order :15:00(For Lunch Time )/ 23:00(For Dinner Menu )/ 23:30(For Drink )
Closed:Open year round
Seats capacity:36 seats


No coupon available now
Chatan Cho | Izakaya KITADAICHI Yugatei

"Yugatei" is the place you can drink and enjoy with a group!

Marked by the red sign board, "KITADAICHIYugatei" is along Route 58 in Hamagawa, Chatan. It is a cozy tavern where many people like business people a...

Address: Chatan ChoHamagawa 52
Tel: 098-936-6739 
Last Order:Food 24:00/Drink 01:00
Closed:Open year round
Parking Lot:Available (20 slots)
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.
・We accept Edy


No coupon available now
Naha City | Drinking bar, Night Bar MUSIC BAR SOUL TO SOUL

The music bar where the sound shakes your soul!

You can enjoy your drink on your hand watching down Kokusai Street from “MUSIC BAR SOUL TO SOUL.” Coordinated with black and white interior, you will...

Address: Naha City2F 3-3-1-2 Kumoji
Tel: 098-863-9939 
Open hours:21:00〜AM6:00
Closed:Open year round
Seat capacity:Table 32、Counter 17 seats
Parking lot:None
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、Other


No coupon available now
Chatan-cho | Japanese food (dish) OKINAWA KAMI SUSHI

Originated from Los Angeles, creative sushi rolls!

Located on 2nd floor of Seaside Square at Mihama in Chatan, "OKINAWA Kami Sushi" is a Japanese restaurant you can enjoy American flavored creative Sus...

Address: Chatan-choMihama 9-8 Seaside Square 2F
Tel: 098-926-3290 
Ope :11:30〜23:00
Last order:22:00
Seating:60 seats
Parking:Available(Seaside Square Parking Lots)
Credit card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS
Edy acceptable

Regular shop

Yomitan Son | Izakaya Dining UFUGI

Address: Yomitan SonSobe 1195-1F
Tel: 098-956-9982 


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