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Plat's Recommended shop

GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

No coupon available now
Naha City | Restaurant GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

Eat your fill of Agu pork! Even the dipping broth takes in the flavor of pork. Savor authentic "Pork Shabu"!

The large tree house, where "Gajumaru - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu" is located at, stands out beside Onoyama Cellular Stadium. Kijimuna welcomes y...

Address: Naha CityOnoyama cho 46
Tel: 098-859-6530 
Open: Lunch 11:30〜15:30/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last Order: Lunch 15:00/Dinner 23:00
Closed: Open year round
Seats:66 seats
Parking Lot: Available(40 slots)Banyan Town Parking Lots
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、etc.

Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

No coupon available now
Okinawa City | Japanese food (dish) Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

You will lick your lips over fresh seafood and delicious dishes. Authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant you can go casually.

"Sakana-no Ana You-you" is a Japanese restaurant you can enjoy Sushi and set meals. It is located near Shoppers’ Awase in Okinawa-city. Seafood purc...

Address: Okinawa CityAwase 4-45-1
Tel: 098-930-4195 
Open:Lunch 12:00〜15:00/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last order: Lunch 14:30/Dinner 23:00
Closed:Irregular, once a month
Seat:Table 70 seats、Private room (12 people・6 people)、Counter 15 seats
Parking lots:Available (First parkings 24 slots・Second parkings 10 slots)

Dinning Amawari

No coupon available now
Chatan-cho | Izakaya Dinning Amawari

Dining izakaya that provides specialty drinks and foods.

Located at Sunabe in Chatan-cho,"Dining Amawari" is the Izakaya where you can savor good foods and drinks at reasonable price. The inside, which holds...

Address: Chatan-choSunabe 368
Tel: 098-936-0429 
Last order:Food 1:00/Drink 1:30
Closed:Sunday、New Year's Eve 12/31・New Year's Day
※The December, business will be done without resting till December 30.

Parking:Available(100 lots)
Credit card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、others

Regular shop

Yomitan Son | Izakaya Dining UFUGI

Address: Yomitan SonSobe 1195-1F
Tel: 098-956-9982 


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