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PLAT GOURMET > light meal > Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜

Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜

Chatan-cho | light meal Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜

Tel: 098-923-2165 

Address: Chatan-cho3-3-3 Mihama

Open Hours:11:00〜23:00
Closed:Open year round
*edy to use

The most popular and entertained place from Tokyo-Ginza to Chatan!

The Ichariba Co-Lab Okinawa or just Co-Lab Okinawa is a popular Café-Dinning Restaurant located in Mihama-Chatan. We started with the objective of be a place, where the people can enjoy a nice time sharing harmony and connection between them through the delicious food. The restaurant interior designer is simple and comfortable. The boasted main plate is our delicious Hamburger, but tasteful Okinawa noodles and Curry rice are served too.
And for the lunch time you can have with just one coin of 500 yen, a delicious Plain Curry or Yushi-Doufu. The curry is blended with 25 kinds of spices, and is having great reputation for its rich scent accompanied with deep taste. You must to enjoy it with a Juicy Katsu trying the delicious “Big Juicy Katsu Curry”.
And for the dinner time, our Great French Chef will serve you, delicious hand-made cooked Hamburger. You really will want to try it many times! Perhaps, you can try and enjoy The Chef’s Recommendation Menu as your main plate.
The restaurant is provided to be used in many varieties of cases, like you can reserve it for events or seminars.

It is very popular between the foreigner clients to be a wide accommodation and have a big “Baby Back Rib” to serve.


Between the ladies, it is very popular for “The Avocado Cheese Hamburger”.


The combination of the Big Juicy Katsu and the rich scent special curry are the best!


The restaurant is fronted to the street, but the entrance extends far back making it be like a secret hiding place.

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Same category shop which close to the store

Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜 Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜
Chatan-cho | light meal
Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜 Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜
Chatan-cho | light meal
Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜 Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜
Chatan-cho | light meal
Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜 Ichariba 〜co-lab Okinawa〜
Chatan-cho | light meal

Great!! Volume Food Baby Back Rib


 Sweet Barbecue Sauce to increase the appetite.
Very taste and soft Sparerib and Sirloin, delicious to try accompanied with beer!


Stars Restaurant Recommendation Menu Course prices from 2800yen.
Accept reservations for Ladies Meeting Groups, Moai Groups, Birthday Parties, etc.
Please contact us for a consult about the menu and prices, and please do your reservation 3 days with anticipation.


【Please enjoy your time at The Ichariba Co-Lab Okinawa.】 http://www.facebook.com/events/list#!/okinawa.colab/events

Let’s all together enjoy the delicious foods and drinks, made by our Chef that is from Michelin Stars Restaurant.

Especially for those kind of clients;
Those who love Chatan.
Those who love to enjoy delicious foods and drinks.
Those who want to make nice connection with others.
Those who want to refresh daily stress.
Those who feel lonely.
Those who are tired of having drink alone.
Those who are looking to meet a beautiful date.

Bring your friends or come alone, please welcome to join us here!
We are looking forward to meet you!

  ・Draft Beer    
  Orion beer ¥450  
  Suntry beer ¥500  
  Zanpa  black glass \400 battle \1,800
  Zanpa  White glass \450 battle \2,600
  Chatan Choro glass \600 battle \3,500
  Chatan Choro kosyu glass \750 battle \4,500
  ・High ball    
  Suntry “KAKU” High ball ¥450  
  ・Alcohol Free Drink
  Suntry “All Free” ¥400  
  Citrus depressa ¥500  
  Lemon ¥500  
  Grapefruit ¥500  
  Japanese citron ¥500  
  Oolong tea ¥500  
  Cassis and orange ¥600  
  Cassis and grapefruit ¥600  
  Cassis and oolong tea ¥600  
  Cassis and soda ¥600  

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