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Asian House

Ginowan-city | International Cuisine Asian House

Evaluation : 5.0 Customer Review: 1

Tel: 098-896-0833 

Address: Ginowan-cityFutenma 2-33-16

Parking:Available (4 lots)
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS


Savor authentic Thai & Vietnamese cuisine at "Asian House"!

You can enjoy authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine at "Asian House" which is located along Deigo Street of Futenma in Ginowan-city. The owner was born in Laos of Vietnam and has been living in Okinawa more than 32 years. His motto is to provide "the same taste as the local." He can produce the authentic flavor precisely because his local ingredients are similar to Okinawan local vegetable such as Goya and papaya. Among them, he uses home-grown and dried lemon grass which is an essential for flavor. All speciality sauces is also homemade and his persistency to homemade products is a decisive factor in the taste. Popular menus are “Green Curry” with chicken and coconut milk, Thai fried noodle “Phad Thai”, and the world’s famous spicy and sour soup "Tom Yum Kung" with shrimp. A variety lineup of famous Vietnamese cuisine “Pho” is also available. Furthermore, "Fresh Spring Rolls" with lots of vegetables is recommended. While imagining of Thailand and Vietnam in the "Asian House", savor the unique taste of tropical Asian dishes.

You can purchase our dishes and cups in the exotic atmosphere.


Vietnam has been influenced by French culture. "Vietnamese sandwich", which is composed of baguette, steamed pork, pickles, etc., is also popular.


Flat noodle made with rice flour is the feature of Pho. The set menu is recommended during lunchtime.


The restaurant is located next to Futenma San-A on Route 330. We have four parking space.

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Asian House Asian House
Ginowan-city | International Cuisine
Asian House Asian House
Ginowan-city | International Cuisine
Asian House Asian House
Ginowan-city | International Cuisine
Asian House Asian House
Ginowan-city | International Cuisine

We recommend our set menus at lunchtime!

◆Lunch Set ALL 1,000 yen◆

Please enjoy our popular green curry, Pho, and so on along with the side menu.



* Popular in the world - Vietnamese-style sandwich *


Vietnam's Special sandwich 800Yen
*A fresh baguette with crisp Crackly crust-naver tough or dry
*Steamed pork roll (cha lua),Seasoned with sauce.
*Pickled carrots and daikon radis (do chua)
*Minced barbecued pork (xa xiu) with a sweet glaze.
*Cucumber: thin slices or thick spears.
*Ham make with a bit of crunch.

The restaurant's atmosphere


  Special Pho    
Vienam Pho with beff Tendon spleen,
Beef ball.Beef gravy and rice noodle
Thai Sausages
950Yen   450Yen
  Beef Pho     Tom Yum Kung
Vietnam Pho with beff.Beef gravy and 
rice noodle
Sour and spicy prawn soup.
(L) 800Yen / (M) 700Yen   1,250Yen
  Chicken Pho     Tom Yam Gai
Vietnam  Pho with chicken  Chicken 
gravy and rice noodle
Sour and spicy soup with chicken.
(L) 780Yen / (M) 680Yen   1,050Yen
  Mien Ga     Keang Leang
Vietnam Mung Bean Noodle with 
Chicken gravy
Prawn,chicken,panpukin,baby corn,With soup.
780Yen   1,250Yen
  Pho Tai Bo Vien     Tom Ka Gai
Vietnam beef Pho with beef balls.
Beef Gravy and rice noodles
Chicken in coconut with galangal Soup.
(L) 890Yen / (M) 790Yen   1,250Yen
  Pho Bo Vien      Banh Xeo
Vietnam beef balls with beef gravy And rice noodles.   Vietnam's Pan cake
(L) 920Yen / (M) 820Yen   1,200Yen
  Pho Ga Ca Vien     Pho Bo Kho
Vietnam Pho with chicken and  fish ball, chicken gravy and rice noodles. Vietnam beef stew soup with Noodles or Bread.
(L) 800Yen / (M) 700Yen   Bread 980Yen / Noodles 900Yen
  Pho CaVien      Bun Sao Mang Gio Heo
Vietnam Pho with fish ball,Chicken gravy and rice noodles.   Vietnam beff rice vermicelli with pig feet and bamboo and vegetables.
(L) 750Yen / (M) 650Yen   1,200Yen
  Yum Wun Sen     Bun Long 
Spicy vermicelli salad.   Vietnam Pork Stomach rice vermiceli with bamboo and vegetables.
1,100Yen   880Yen
  Yum Neua     Bun Sao Mang Bo
Spicy beef salad.   Vietnam beff rice vermiceli with bamboo  and vegetables.
1,250Yen   880Yen
  Pla Kung     Bun Cha Gio
Savory prawn salad. Vietnam fried spring rolls with rice Vermiceli and vegetables.
1,380円   850Yen
  Nam Tok     Pad Thai Senrek 
Thai Isan style chopped Salad.   Thai style fried noodles with  
prawn or chicken.
1,200Yen   Chicken 950Yen / Shrimp 1,100Yen
  Som Tam     Pad Thai Wunsen 
Papaya salad. Thai style fried Mung Bean Noodles with prawn or chicken.
980Yen   Chicken 950Yen / Shrimp 1,100Yen
  Som Tam Set     Senlek Tom Yum Kung
Thai style papaya salad and
Thai noodles in sour and spicy with Prawn soup.
1,680Yen   1,100Yen
  Lap Kai/Mou     Senlek Tom Yum Gai 
Thai Isan style  chicken or Pork Chopped salad   Thai noodles in sour and spicy with Chicken soup.
1,050Yen   980Yen
  Bo Bun + Cha Gio      Goi Cuon
Vietnam bifun with fried spring rolls
and stir-fried beef lemon grass and vegetables.
Vietnam style spring rolls Shrimp,chicken and vegetable.
1,050Yen   (L)600Yen / (S)300Yen
  Bun Thit Nuong + Cha Gio     Goi Bap Cai 
Vietnam bifun with fried spring rolls and pork babecue and  Vegatables. Vietnam style cabbage salad with chicken,shrimps and fish sauce.
1,050Yen   1,200Yen
  Bo Bun     Pad Phak Komatsuna
Vietnam Bun : stir-fried beef with lemon Grass and vegetables and vermiceli. Stir-Fried Komatsuna
880Yen   700Yen
  Bun Thit Nuong      Pad Phak Boong
Vietnam Bun : char-grilled pork with Vermiceli and vegetables. Stir-fried morning glory
880Yen   700Yen
  Noodle Green Curry     Banh Xep 
Thai noodles chicken green curry  
With egg plant and coconut milk.
Vietnam fried food with the Pork and vegetable.
890Yen   900Yen
  Green Curry      Cha Gio Re 
Thai chicken green curry with 
Eggplant and coconut  milk.
Retilcular rice paper fried Spring rolls with seafood.
890Yen   1,200Yen
  Red curry      Banh Mi Tom
Thai chicken red curry with 
Bamboo and coconut milk.
Fried shrimp bread.
890Yen   580Yen
  Cha Gio      Banh Chuoi 
Vietnam fried spring rolls with pork 
and vegetables.
Banana fried spring rolls.
5pcs:980Yen / 3pcs:680Yen   650Yen
  Cha Tom      Thawt Man Kung 
Vietnam Ground shrimp and 
Sugar cane rolls.
Thai fried shrimp cakes.
5pcs:1,200Yen / 3pcs:800Yen   6pcs:1,250Yen / 3pcs:650Yen
  Canh Ga Rut Xuong      Gai Hor Bai Teoy 
Fried chicken wing (no bone) (Thai) chicken Pandanus rolls.
5pcs:1,150Yen / 3pcs:750Yen   6pcs:1,100Yen / 3pcs:600Yen
  Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam     Thawt Man Pla 
Vietnam style Fried chicken with 
Fish sauce.
Thai fried fish cakes.
5pcs:980Yen / 3pcs:680Yen   6pcs:1,200Yen / 3pcs:630Yen
  Kao Pad Sapporot      Por Pea Kung Tod  
Fried rice with pineapple.   Thai style shrimp fried rolls.
1,200Yen   5pcs:1,300Yen / 3pcs:700Yen
  Kao Phad      Pad Bai Kaprao Kai
Fried rice with chicken or beef.   Stir-fried rice chicken with basil with Tom yum soup.
1,050Yen   1,150Yen
  Com Chien Gia    
Fried rice chicken with beansprout.  
 【VN Che】        


Che Dau Xanh Danh  


Che Dau Xanh Bot Bang
VN dessertGreen bean with 
Coconut milk.
  Green bean ,tapiocarPearl 
with coconut milk.
450Yen   420Yen


Che Dau Xanh Do  


Che Hat Luu
Green bean and red Bean with coconut milk.   VN/Thai dessertWater-chestnuts andTapiocar.
480Yen   450Yen


VN dessert    Mango with stticky rice.
650Yen   800Yen

Coconut Juice    Tamarind Juice    Pineapple Juice   Mango Juice
420Yen   380Yen   420Yen   380Yen
Thai milk tea    Thai lemon tea   Vietnam's  Hot Coffee    Vietnam's iced coffee
400Yen   400Yen   380Yen   380Yen
Orange Juice    Mint Juice    Coke     
380Yen   380Yen   300Yen    

Thai Singha Beer   Orion Beer         
500Yen   500Yen        
Spy Classic    Palet D'or  Bottle   Rose D'anjou  Bottle   Dalat  Red/White 
750Yen   2,100Yen   2,100Yen   2,400Yen
Nep Moi    Lua Moi   Nep cam   Rojana Kokuto  
Glass  450Yen   Glass  500Yen   Glass  450Yen   Glass  550Yen
Bottle 2,400Yen   Bottle 2,700Yen   Bottle 2,300Yen   Bottle 2,900Yen
Kiku no tsuyu   White Zanpa    Black Zanpa    Mizuho 
Glass  400Yen   Glass  400Yen   Glass  400Yen   Glass  400Yen
Bottle 1,800Yen   Bottle 2,100Yen   Bottle 1,800Yen   Bottle 1,800Yen
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Customer Review
Evaluation : 5 Jun.10,2014 投稿者 : Russell

Great service, kind and humble people, peaceful and quiet, clean and organized.

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