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PLAT GOURMET > Restaurant > CoCo-ICHI Chatan Kokutai-Road (Route 23) Branch

CoCo-ICHI Chatan Kokutai-Road (Route 23) Branch

Chatan-Cho | Restaurant CoCo-ICHI Chatan Kokutai-Road (Route 23) Branch

Tel: 098-926-1851 

Address: Chatan-ChoKamisedo 844-1

Open:24 hrs
Parking:Available (30 lots)

From children to adults, enjoy popular curry at "CoCo-ICHI"!

Choose rice portion・toppings・spice level ・sauce as you like. Enjoy creating your own curry the way you like at curry house, "CoCo-ICHI Kokutai-Road Branch." Many Japanese as well as foreigners visit and create international atmosphere. The spicy aroma of curry and bright smiles of our staff will welcome you. Meat-based curry, such as CoCo-ICHI's classic "pork cutlet curry" and plain flavored "chicken cutlet curry", are very popular. Also, we have full lineup of curry menu such as vegetables and seafood. To meet the diverse needs, we also offer limited-time menus so please visit us during the period. We offer more than 30 kinds of toppings, including chicken cutlet and cheese, which you can add on the basic menu. You can also choose the quantity of rice. We recommend spice level 3-5 which is about 4-12 times spicier than our standard spice level 1. Also, only the person who ate spice level 5 in the past can order the highest spice level 10 which is 24 times spicier! Those of you who like spicy food must challenge. Takeout and delivery service are available. When you get hungry for curry, let's go to reasonable and hearty "CoCo-ICHI."

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