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PLAT GOURMET > Restaurant > GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

Naha City | Restaurant GAJUMARU - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu

Tel: 098-859-6530 

Address: Naha CityOnoyama cho 46

Open: Lunch 11:30〜15:30/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last Order: Lunch 15:00/Dinner 23:00
Closed: Open year round
Seats:66 seats
Parking Lot: Available(40 slots)Banyan Town Parking Lots
Credit Card:VISA、mastercard、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、etc.

Eat your fill of Agu pork! Even the dipping broth takes in the flavor of pork. Savor authentic "Pork Shabu"!

The large tree house, where "Gajumaru - Local Vegetables & Shabu Shabu" is located at, stands out beside Onoyama Cellular Stadium. Kijimuna welcomes you at the entrance of elevator to get to the second floor where you can enjoy delicious Shabu Shabu of mainly Ryukyu Agu. The best recommendation is rare Okinawan native species, Ryukyu Agu Shabu Shabu course. A set meal which consists with assorted appetizer, vegetable platter, and dessert will satisfy you. Choose a meat from two types; rich and sweet "pork back ribs" or soft and lean "pork loin. After you enjoyed Shabu Shabu, finish up your meal with longevity-green-kneaded Okinawa soba noodles. Sticky and jade green noodles are great with soup! Also, all-you-can-eat local vegetables is recommended with additional 390 yen. Enjoy the unique Okinawan seasonal vegetables. At lunch time, you can casually enjoy lineup of set meals such as “Shabu Shabu meal” with a salad bar and drink, "Hamburger meal" which you can savor a flavor of Agu pork, etc. "Gajumaru" is easy to access from Naha airport by car for about 5 minutes. Savor a full stomach of Okinawan "deliciousness."

Local vegetables grown in home garden! ! Depending on the season, six kinds of vegetables such as Handama and Longevity green are always available.


Shabu Shabu (cook in the broth) your meat one by one. Please enjoy with special Ponzu sauce or sesame dipping sauce.


Also, varieties of side menus are enriched! Two kinds of Agu hamburgers "Western" and "Japanese style with white radish" are available.


All tables accomodate IH. View from the calm and chic restaurant is extraordinary! You may view a sunset at dusk.

Busy hours
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〜Special brand that combines the taste and flavor〜


"Agu pork" was born by breeding Ryukyu conventional pig "Agu."
High quality soft texture and sweet flavor of marbled meat are the features.
Please savor the finest pork brand of Prefecture.


【Ryukyu Agu pork】
Compared to the general market pork, it has less total fat and cholesterol.
Contains many free amino acid compared with normal pigs; that is the major component of the taste.

【Churashima Agu pork】
It has many contents of tasty ingredients and the taste spreads in your mouth.
It contains a lot of Oleic acid, which is a delicious-smelling ingredient, and stimulates your appetite.

【Ryuka pork】
Okinawa Prefecture brand pigs; they are freely raised and fed with the healthy original formulated feeds such as natural herb (oregano) etc.


◆Local vegetables grown in grace of the earth and the sun of Okinawa! ◆
Goya (bitter melon)
Nabera (loofah)
Papaya (papaya)
Handama (Okinawan spinach)
Fuchiba (wormwood)
Njana (bitter herb)
Island shallots
Tanmu (taro potatoes)
Purple sweet potatoes
Shibui (winter melon)
Chidekuni (Island carrot)
Sakuna (longevity green)
Kuwansou (Autumn daylily)
Jibin (Indian spinach)
Green pak choi
potherb mustard

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