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PLAT GOURMET > Japanese food (dish) > Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

Okinawa City | Japanese food (dish) Sakana no Ana YUUYUU

Tel: 098-930-4195 

Address: Okinawa CityAwase 4-45-1

Open:Lunch 12:00〜15:00/Dinner 17:30〜24:00
Last order: Lunch 14:30/Dinner 23:00
Closed:Irregular, once a month
Seat:Table 70 seats、Private room (12 people・6 people)、Counter 15 seats
Parking lots:Available (First parkings 24 slots・Second parkings 10 slots)

You will lick your lips over fresh seafood and delicious dishes. Authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant you can go casually.

"Sakana-no Ana You-you" is a Japanese restaurant you can enjoy Sushi and set meals. It is located near Shoppers’ Awase in Okinawa-city. Seafood purchased from local fish stores by professional chefs are transformed into the today's specials. Since you can enjoy fresh seafood at a reasonable price, beginning to regular customers, the restaurant is crowded with people of all ages such as female groups and families. At lunchtime, many set menu selections will make you hesitate what to choose. Among these dishes, a voluminous daily lunch is recommended. Such as seafood bowl, steaks, and butter sauté, more than 3 dishes are available in daily. You can make a choice to match your mood of the day. At night, don’t miss a chance to enjoy limited offers of Nigiri or a la carte dishes with a discount price. In addition, "Draft beer set", which comes with one dish and beer, is also popular among business people who visit after work! "I want you to enjoy the seasonal flavor and dishes without being fixed on the image of Japanese cuisine.", says owner, Tamaki. Let's enjoy seasonal "deliciousness" at "Sakana-no Ana You-you", where welcomes you with plenty lineup of dishes.

Japanese modern interior is nice and cozy, which creates intimate and refreshing atmosphere.


You can watch the skills of professional chefs in front of you. Enjoy fun conversations with chefs at counter seat.


"You-you" has varieties of alcohol so it is ideal for Moai meetings and girls-get-togethers!


Dishes made from the freshest ingredients are the sales point! Many different varieties of creative dishes without being fixed on the image of Japanese cuisine are also available.

Busy hours
am pm
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
* * * *
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
* * *
Couple use
few or lot
Male-Female ratio
Range of customers
quiet or busy

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Enjoy evening time service of "You-you" ♪


You should try our best deal "Draft beer set."
"Hand-shaped Sushi" or "Japanese style diced beef steak salad" for example, it is a set of one dish and beer.

Limited offer from 17:30 to 19:30!
Enjoy best deal at early evening ! ! !

For those of you who would rather have a meal than beer, we recommend “Daily special set (1.050 yen)”! !

Monday: Swordfish・Tuna bowl set meal
Tuesday: Tempura set meal
Wednesday: Sushi set meal
Thursday: Japanese style beef set meal
Friday: Fish soup set meal
Saturday: Fried pork set meal
Sunday: Rice and a variety of side dishes set meal

Please enjoy delicious meal with a value price!

In addition, we offer hand-shaped Sushi, hand-rolled Sushi, noodles, and a la carte at a reasonable price than usual.
Do not miss our time service from 17:30 till 19:00♪



●Today’s Lunch set 950yen〜
●Sushi set 1,150yen

Nigiri Sushi Set 1,100yen   Seafood Chirashi Sushi(Regular set) 950yen
(Sushi 6pcs・Tempura・Salad・Okinawa nooddle)     (Okinawa noodle or Miso Soup)  
Nigiri Sushi 880yen   Seafood Bowl (Donburi) 1,050yen
(Okinawa noodle or Miso soup)     (Okinawa noodle or Miso soup)  
Vegetable noodle set 880yen   Wheat noodle set 1,250yen
(Sushi 3psc・Tempura・Salad)     (Sushi 4pcs・Tempura・Simmered dish・Tofu)  
Ingredient Miso soup set 880yen   Wheat noodle set 1,250yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Fried Fish・Vinegared dish)     (Sushi 4psc・Salad・Tempura・Simmered dish)  
Tempura set 1,380yen   Fried White Noodle 1,150yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Tempura・Savoury egg custard)     (Sushi 3pcs・Salad・Tempura)  
Eel set 1,880yen   Sashimi Set 1,580yen
(Sashimi・Tempura・Simmered dish・Vinegared     (Tempura・Simmered dish・Vinegared dish)  
Ise Lobstor Sea Urchin sauce set 2,500yen   Sushi set 1,580yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Savoury egg custard)     (Tempura・Simmered dish・Vinegared dish)  
Sea lettuce Setdish 1,100yen   Sushi Gozen 1,600yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Tempura・Vinegared dish・Rolled egg)   (Sushi 5psc・Roll Sushi  1ps・Tempura・Vinegared dish・
Savoury egg custard)
Beef Japanese Steak set 1,300yen   Fish Soup set 1,350yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Savoury egg custard)     (Sashimi・Tempura・Vinegared dish)  
Pork Cutlet Set 1,100yen   Fish Soup Set 1,200yen
(Sashimi・Simmered dish・Savoury egg custard)     (Sashimi・Vinegared dish・Rolled egg)  
Sushi Nigiri(Regular) 1,000yen   Squid Ink soup Gozen 1,500yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (Sashimi・Tempura・Vinegared dish)  
Sushi Nigiri(Special) 1,300yen   Tempura Rice Bowl Set 780yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (Tempura Rice Bowl 2psc・Salad・Okinawa noodle)  
Nigiri Sushi(Top special) 1,500yen   Wheat noodle Set 1,250yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (Sushi 4pcs・Tempura・Simmered dish・Tofu)  
Sea food Chirashi Sushi(Regular) 950yen   Sea food Chirashi Sushi(Special) 1,300yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (w/ Okinawa noodle)  
Raw Sea-urchin Bowl 1,580yen   Tuna Bowl 1,100yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (w/ Okinawa noodle)  
Hokkai Bowl 1,280yen   Tuna Yamakake Bowl 1,150yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (w/ Okinawa noodle)  
Sea-grape Bowl 980yen   Salmon-roe Bowl 1,380yen
(w/ Okinawa noodle)     (w/ Okinawa noodle)  
Eel Bowl 1,150yen   Tuna Bowl Set 1,080yen
(w/ Okinawaw noodle)     (Fried-fish・Simmered dish・Vinegared dish・Tofu・Okinawa noodle)
Broiled-eel Bowl 1,350yen   Billfish Bowl Set 950yen
(Vinegared dish・Okinawa noodle)     (Fried-fish・Simmered dish・Vinegared dish・Tofu・Okinawa noodle)
Kid's Meal Special 680yen      
(Small Sushi-roll・Fried-chicken・Sausage・Fried-potate・Orange-juice・Snack)  
※Free one cup of Iced tea and Iced coffee  
【a la carte】     【Drink・Desset】  
Sea-food Salad 650yen   ◎Draft Beer◎  
Sashimi Plate 1,500yen〜   Orion Draft Beer(S) 360yen
Miso-vinegared sauce plate 1,000yen   Orion Draft Beer(L) 460yen
Tuna Yamakake 550yen   Asahi Draft Beer(S) 400yen
Tuna w/ Natto(fermented soybeans) 500yen   Asahi Draft Beer(L) 500yen
Fried-squid 400yen      
Fried-chicken 500yen   ◎Bottle Beer◎  
Homemade sweet-potate eggplat dish 450yen   Orion 500yen
Shrimp w/cheese Spring roll 450yen   Asahi 600yen
Deep-fried Tofu 380yen   Kirin 600yen
Udon Japanese noodle 330yen      
Tempura Udon Soup 680yen   Coke 230yen
Okinawa noodle(L) 500yen   Gengerale 230yen
Okinawannoodle(M) 400yen   Calpis 230yen
Okinawa noodle(S) 250yen   Orange100% 250yen
Sea-leaf Soup 250yen   Mango100% 250yen
Tempura Rice-boll 450yen   Guava100% 250yen
Rice 130yen   Oolong Tea 180yen
       Ucchin Tea 180yen
       Sesame Ice-cream 300yen
       Ice-cream 300yen

Nigiri Sushi 8pcs 880yen   Chirashi Sushi(Special) 1,350yen
Nigiri(Regular) 1,070yen   Chrashi Sushi(Top Special) 1,580yen
Nigiri(Special) 1,350yen      
Nigiri(Top special) 1,580yen   Tuna Sushi-roll 350yen
Daily Special Plate 1,850yen   Cucumber Sushi-roll 220yen
Nigiri Sushi Set 2,850yen   Mountain Burdock Sushi-roll 230yen
      Natto Sushi-roll 200yen
Tuna Sushi 8pcs Plate 1,000yen   Torotaku Sushi-roll 650yen
Fresh raw-fish 8pcs Plate 1,200yen   Shrimp-tempura w/ Green-perilla Sushi-roll 680yen
Fresh amberjack・Raw salmon Plate 1,100yen   Eel w/ cucumber Sushi-roll 750yen
Roast Sushi 7pcs Plate 1,080yen   Fish-tempura sesame w/Green-perilla Roll 480yen
Marbled-beef roast Sushi 7pcs Plate 1,570yen   California Roll 800yen
      Roll set(3pcs) 550yen
Tuna 680yen   Sashimi Plate (Choose 2 sashimi) 780yen
Marinated mackerel 520yen   Sashimi Plate(Choose 3 sashimi) 1,050yen
Salmon 680yen   Sashimi Plate(UME) 1,500yen
Swordfish 580yen   Sashimi Plate(Take) 2,500yen
Amberjack 690yen   Sashimi Plate(Matsu) 3,500yen
White meat fish 790yen


Cuttlefish 520yen
Octopas 580yen
Scallop 680yen
Botan Shrimp 780yen
KUMAMOTO Horsemeat 680yen

-a la carte-
Atka mackerel 680yen   Pork Rafute 500yen
Roast Ray-fin 390yen   Boiled Fish 880yen
Beef-tongue 780yen   Yambaru Agu Ynagawa-Bowl Soup 500yen
Sparerib Japanese-style 680yen   Yambaru Agu pork boiled dumpling 380yen
Dengaku w/ Eggplant miso sauce 480yen   Mentaiko Potato Stir-fries 580yen
Baked Eggplant 360yen   Mentaiko Pasta 690yen
Alaska pollack Nikkyo-yaki 750yen   YUU YUU Potate(Baked) 470yen
Baked Scallop Potate w/Sea urchin sauce 580yen   Diced-steak Salad dish 680yen
Baked Lobstar Sea-urchin 1,520yen   Fresh Asparagus w/ Soft beef tongue butter baked 680yen
Baked Marbled Beef 1,520yen   Agu-pork Steak 980yen

Vinegared Mozuu Seaweed(Tosa Vinegared) 300yen   Method Tofu 420yen
Sea-grape(Lemon-soy-sauce) 420yen   Firefly-squid Okitsuke 450yen
Marinated-mackerel Roast w/ Lemon-soy-sauce 400yen   Octopas w/ Wasabi 350yen
Mackerel・Octopus・Tuna w/ Welsh Onion 580yen   Salmon-roe w/ Radiish 450yen
Sea-food Miso-vinegared sauce 1,000yen   Hot Mentaiko 380yen
Cuttllefish・Octopus・Cucumber w/ Kimuchi 430yen   Sanshoku Tofu(Sukugarasu・Shuto・Nori) 400yen
Sea-food w/ Kimuchi 1,000yen   Tuna Yamakake 480yen
Cucumber Pickle 200yen   Rolled-egg 350yen
Mountain burdock Pickle 180yen   Sea-food Natto(fermented soybeans) 500yen

Yam and Shrimp Tofu-skin Spring-roll 580yen   Shrimp Cheese Spring-roll 520yen
Homemade Fried Potato 430yen   Fried Squid 380yen
Deep-fried Tofu 380yen   Fried Taro 450yen
Thick-deep-fried Tofu 350yen   Fried-chicken w/ Fried-potato 450yen
Fried Shrimp Tempura 680yen   Fried Pig-foot 450yen
Vegetable Tempura 530yen   Fried cartilage w/ Fried crispy chicken-skin 460yen
Raw Potato Tempura 430yen   Fried Octopus 580yen
Tempura Plate 950yen      

Fu(wheat gulten bread)Stir-fry 450yen   Sea-food Salad 650yen
Tofu Stir-fry 430yen   Fresh-vegetableTomato Salad 480yen
Leaf-mustard Stir-fry 500yen   Caesar Salad 550yen
Bean-sprouts w/ Boild-fish-paste Stir-fry 400yen   Avocado Shrimp Scallop Salad 580yen
Noodle Stir-fry 500yen   Sea-food Fresh-spring-roll 680yen

Boild Agu w/ Vegetable 680yen   Beef-tongue Japanese Steam dish 680yen
Chawan-mushi (Steamed egg hotchpotch) 300yen   Vegetables w/ white meat fish Seiro-Steam 950yen

Shrimp Tempura Rice-ball 230yen   Akita Inaniwa Wheat Udon noodle 690yen
Mini Shrimp Tempura Rice-ball 470yen   Wheat noodle(Green tea soup) 580yen
Rice-ball(Plum or Miso) 180yen   Baked Udon(w/ Tempura) 780yen
Baked Rice-ball 230yen   Tempura Udon noodle 690yen
Japanese tea rice soup 150yen   Mentai Baked Udon noodle  680yen
Miso soup 100yen   Vegetable Baked Udon noodle 690yen
Sea leaf soup 280yen   Okinawa noodle Gomoku sweet sauce 680yen
Mozuku soup 250yen   Okinawa noodle 150yen
Fish soup(Red sea bream) 880yen   Udon noodle 150yen
YUU YUU risotto 580yen
Chichekn w/Egg risotto 500yen
Taro w/ plum risotto山芋梅雑炊 480yen

【Draft Beer】     【Bottled Beer】  
Orion Draft Beer 460yen   Orion 520yen
Orion Wheat Beer 380yen   Asahi Super Dry 620yen
      Kirin Ichiban-Shibori 620yen
【Sour (Shochu Highball)】     Kirin Free 380yen
Fresh lemon High 450yen      
Fresh Orange High 480yen      
Fresh  Grapefruit High 480yen      
Calpis Sour 300yen   【Soft Drink】 each 280yen
Plum Sour 480yen   Orange Juice  
Suntoty Kaku-highball 380yen   Hirami lemon Juice(Shikuwasa)  
      Mango Juice  
【Awamori】     Guava Juice  
Kumesen Gold 30℃ 2,350yen   Pink Grapefruit Juice  
Ryukyu Gold  30℃ 2,350yen   Gingerale  
Gold Dragon 25℃ 2,350yen   Coke  
Original Bottled     Oolong tea  
Ryukyu Clasic 25℃ 1,500yen      
Kikunotsuyu Brown 30℃ 1,500yen   Ukon(100ml) 210yen
Taraga 30℃ 2,200yen   Ukon Gold(50ml) 400yen

【Special Awamori】 730ml One Bottle   【Original Awamori Jar Sake】 175ml 730ml
Shimagoro 25℃ 980yen -   Chuko 30

550yen 2,200yen
Umibito 30℃ 2,000yen -   Taraga 30℃ 550yen -
Zanpa(White)25℃ 2,600yen 5,000yen   Kikunotsuyu 30℃ 550yen -
Zanpa(Black)30℃ 1,900yen 4,500yen   Chuko Koshu 43℃ 880yen -
Kumesen Brown 30℃ 2,000yen 4,500yen   Kikunotsuyu Koshu 40℃ 880yen -
Kumejima no Kumesen (12year old 35℃) 6,500yen -   MIzuho Koshu 43℃ 880yen -
Kikunotsuyu Brown 30℃ 2,000yen 4,500yen   Kumesen Koshu 43℃ 880yen -
Kikunotsuyu VIP Gold 30℃ 4,500yen -        
Maifuna 30℃ 2,000yen 4,500yen        
Ryukyuoucho Koshu Brend 3,600yen -        
Chatanchoro Koshu 25℃ 4,700yen -        
Chatanchoro Koshu 43℃ 7,800yen -        

〜Red〜     〜White〜  
Cuve 202(France) 2,200yen    Alexithys Chardonnay’07(France) 2,100yen
Burgundy’01(France) 2,700yen      
Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon’07() 2,900yen   〜Froth〜  
Chianti Classico’07(Itaria) 2,900yen   Moet Chandon(France) 7,500yen
Wyndham Shiraz 99(Australia) 3,500yen      
Casale Vecchio ’07(Itaria) 4,000yen      
【Cocktail】 each 380yen   【Awamori Plum Sake】  
Cassis orange     Okinawa Tankan Plum Sake 480yen
Cassis soda     Plum Sake by Awamori CHIYO 480yen
Fuzzy Navel     Okinawa Brown-suger Plum Sake 530yen
Peach Oolong        
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